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Whales, Dolphins, Birds & More
Eco Tourism in San Carlos

San Carlos is a delight for those who enjoy seeing a variety of wildlife. The area is home to a vast array of mammals, fish and birds-both at sea and on land. Whales that are commonly seen in the area include sperm, finback, and pilot whales. Orcas migrate through the area at different times of the year and offer a special whale watching treat.

The Whales are here!

Baby Finback Whale

Baleanoptera physalus
Common name Fin Whale
Length up to 85 ft.
Birth wt. 2 tons
Adult wt. 30 to 80 tons
Diet: crustaceans, squid, and fish
Threats are entanglement in fishnets, pollution, habitat destruction, hunting, whaling, and human disturbance.
Location: San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Sperm Whale Rescue

This photo was taken during a rescue effort to free a sperm whale who had become entangled in a fishing net. The rescue was successfully completed by a team of experienced professional divers from several San Carlos dive shops. Do not attempt such a rescue on your own.


Pacific Bottle Nose Dolphin are common and can be seen year around. A small pod frequent the Estuary of Soldiers and these routinely cruise the beach off San Carlos proper in search of food.

Pacific Bottle Nose Dolphin

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Sea Lions

Sea lions are also common and Isla San Pedro and other islands are a sanctuary for these creatures. Divers and snorkelers are often treated to underwater displays by the sea lions. Use caution around the big bulls-when they bark, back off.

Young Sea Lion

Sea Birds

If you are a bird watcher, San Carlos is a joy. Mexican Brown pelicans cruise the shoreline in large numbers and watching them go after a school of baitfish is great fun. There are numerous terns, gulls and other sea birds and osprey (fish hawks) are common. Anglers know to "follow the birds" offshore and high flying frigate birds will generally show you where the game fish are.

Sea Birds

Eco Tours

Many species can be seen and observed during the year in San Carlos. Orcas, Pilot whales, and Sperm whales to name just a few. Check with our dive shop and charter boat operators and sign up for a Whale Watching Trip now!

Orca and Catch 22

This photo is very real.  This large male Orca decided it was time for a jacuzzi like bath from the prop wash on Catch 22. The animal is nearly the same size as the 34 foot sport fisherman.  Photo by Fernando Almada, Catch 22 Sport Fishing