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Frequently Asked Questions

We enjoy hearing from our thousands of visitors each month and reply to each query we receive.  We cannot always answer the question and if not we try to refer you to someone who can.  Items on this page are based on queries we have received from site visitors.  Thank you for visiting sancarlosmexico.com.

Q:  Can I make lodging reservations with you?

A:  We provide online Hotel reservations for many area hotels and motels.  Reservations can be made online at our Hotels page or by calling 1-800-419-1545 with promotion code 7436.

We cannot make reservations for apartments, condos, rental houses, etc.  Please visit the web sites of our featured property managers in our Mi Casa, Su Casa section for rental property information and reservations.

Q:  Can you send me a brochure, map or printed materials?

A:  If we have information we usually add it to the web site.  Also see the San Carlos Mexico Guide for more information.

Q:  Will we have problems traveling in San Carlos or Mexico if we do not speak Spanish?

A:  No.  Many Mexican people are bi-lingual and particularly those in travel related industries.  Some basic phrases will serve you well and the people will appreciate your efforts to speak their language.

Q:  Do we need to convert all of our currency to pesos?

A:  No, but having some pesos is always a good idea.  US currency is widely accepted in Mexico and most businesses will offer exchange rates that are close to official  rates.  Please note that US currency that is badly worn, mutilated or has been written upon is generally not acceptable.  We also suggest that you have some small bills in the mix.

Q:  Can you provide me with airline, bus or ferry boat schedules?

A:  We provide links to many of these but do not keep this information on hand.  We suggest you contact your travel agent or preferred travel web site.

Q:  What items can we take into Mexico?

A:  See Section 2.1 of the Tourist Entry Manual for lists of items you may bring with you and those that are prohibited.  Do NOT attempt to take weapons, ammunition or even expended ammunition casings into Mexico.

Q:  What can we bring back from Mexico into the US?

A:  Visit the US Department of Agriculture Web site at http://www.aphis.usda.gov/travel/ for information on food and animal imports.  Visit the US Customs and Border Protection service web site at http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/ for more information for returning travelers.

Q:  Are there any nude or clothing optional beaches in San Carlos?

A:  There are no areas specifically designated for these activities and public nudity is not legal in Mexico.  There are numerous small beaches and coves within an easy boat ride of San Carlos where a certain level of privacy can be achieved.

Q:  I have a question that is still unanswered.  Can you help me?

A:  First, use our site search feature and type in your search phrase.  If you still cannot find the answer, drop us an email and we'll try and get an answer for you.


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